Chef Yu Bo of Yu's Family Kitchen

ChengduSichuan, China — Chef Yu Bo (喻波) runs Yu’s Family Kitchen, a simple, elegant restaurant on Zhǎi alley. He once dedicated his culinary studies of 10 years to studying under famous Sichuan cuisine chefs. Since then, he has won international fame for his innovative culinary prowess.

吊片樟茶鸭 (Diào piàn zhāng chá yā, Tea smoked duck served with flatbreads)

Yu Bo is crazy in love with cooking food. Every dish he cooks up is made from wholesome ingredients paired precisely and exquisitely, achieving beauty in flavor and composition. He ensures every ingredient is organic and seasonal. Sometimes his inventions require importing ingredients from abroad.

桂圆藏香猪 (Guìyuán zàngxiāng zhū, Longan Tibetan Pork)

For example, he uses Zàngxiāng zhū (藏香猪), Tibetan pork is raised in Liángshān (凉山), located in a remote area of Sichuan near Tibet. Tibetan pigs live happily in mountains (instead of raised in a pigpen) feeding on wild grass. Yu Bo is devoted to researching new and traditional cooking techniques, hence every dish he makes is a masterpiece.

Dining at Yu’s Family Kitchen is a special occasion. With only six private dining rooms and two seatings, making reservations is a must. 12 tables are served daily (six for lunch and six for dinner).

Yu’s Family Kitchen does not have a menu. That is to say, customers do not have the right to order food. A phone call to the restaurant with mention of your budget, special dietary needs, and other pertinent information will suffice. You do not need to worry about a thing. Chef or foodie, Yu Bo is the professional. He will provide the perfect food experience to meet your desires and stimulate your taste buds.

Arriving in the bustling alley where the restaurant humbly stands, you may feel lost: Where is the famous Yu’s Family Kitchen? There is no sign at all! Just look for the exact address! On both sides of a common dark red wooden gate, are a pair of heroic couplets written in traditional Chinese characters, hinting it is Yu’s Family Kitchen. Just as an old Chinese phrase says, “The greatest hermit always retreats into the noisiest market!” When you retreat through the gate, you know you have arrived. The restaurant is a traditional two-story siheyuan with a pond in the courtyard. Later, a graceful lady enters your dining room, not to serve food, but to introduce each dish’s history and culture! It is an amazing experience to enjoy such a grand feast with stories!

As for the price, contrary to what you would expect, the bill won’t break the bank. All the dishes we ate here for a party seven totalled at 2500RMB. When we made reservations, we did not know we could have mentioned our budget.

A meal here could never disappoint. Bring a group of your best dining friends and let Chef Yu Bo lead the show and steal your heart.

Yù Jiā Chúfáng (喻家厨房, Yu’s Family Kitchen)
Qīngyáng qū xià Tóngrén lù Zhǎi Xiàngzi No. 43 (Jìn Jǐng Xiàngzi). Chengdu, Sichuan.
青羊区下同仁路窄巷子43号(近井巷子). Telephone: 028-86691985. Cuisine: 川菜 (Sichuan)

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  1. Sarah says:

    My name is Sarah and I’m an aspiring chef and obsessed with food haha.
    I run a food blog:

    I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve posted a link to this post on my blog. I recently discovered the magic of Chef Yu Bo and this post has some GREAT photos! You are so lucky to have experienced his food.

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Thanks for the link back. I’m thrilled to learn you have appreciation for Chef Yu Bo. He also has an open mind and palate for international cuisines. Between his approach to quality food and creativity to his own explorations, China has a national treasure in Yu Bo.

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