Beijing, China — I just posted a blog about Lapsang Souchong and mandarin peel infused Laphroaig scotch whisky entwined with memories each element brings to mind. While beautiful little things inspired my day and danced like sugar plums in my head, news about Kim Jong-il’s death flashed on all screens. I read absurdly funny, yet nerve wrecking excerpts from Kim Jong Il’s Chef; now there’s a guy with a story behind every ingredient! As I thumbed through my iPhone, I stumbled upon photos from two nights ago…

My friend with her goodbye spirit

I was at a goodbye party for a dear friend returning to the States. Her roommate, also departing Beijing, brought out a bottle of snake-infused rice liquor from a trip he’d made to North Korea. It was a fine holiday spread — chocolate brownies, cookies, mulled wine, and North Korean snake liquor!


I’m not auditioning to be the female Andrew Zimmern! I prefer things that taste good. I’ll also add, two posts about alcohol in one day does not flag me for an alcoholic. I’ve just got that joie de vivre!

That's me, at left, taking in the moment!

I’ve tasted reptile-infused liquors while traveling in Vietnam and here in Beijing, before. Yes, both Communist countries; we’re on to something here. However, it’s easy to be done with things you don’t want to taste if you just swallow quickly — Don’t pass go, don’t collect $200!  For some strange reason, I thought I’d live in the moment and let the snake liquor sit on my palate for a moment. I swallowed then inhaled through my mouth waiting for my taste buds to react. What followed was a foul flavor of flesh decayed! It was a fishy, something awful! I darted for the kitchen and chugged cranberry juice.

This was my Saturday night, living in the repulsive now. A butterfly flaps its wings, a girl drinks snake liquor, two days later… North Korean leader Kim Jong-il dies of a heart attack at the age of 69.


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4 Responses to Ominous shot of North Korean snake liquor

  1. Noch Noch says:

    gulp. ugh.
    but respect for trying it
    have you done the snake bile shot before?

  2. I haven’t tried snake bile. Not sure I’d like to. I’m also not certain there wasn’t a trace of it in the North Korean snake liquor… it was repulsive so perhaps it’s just as ‘good’. By the way, I like you new blog design!

  3. asianguyensingle says:

    Hello, i just saw your page on Google, and I already bought these on but i wonder where to find other snake related products, any idea ?
    And do you know if we should call snake antivenin or snake antivenom ?
    Thanks for your help.

  4. Hi ‘asianguyensingle’,
    Can’t say I know any more about snake liquor than what I’ve tasted. If you become the aficionado, there may be that opportunity for you to start that blog. ;-) Keep us all posted!
    Thanks for reading,

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