In case it hasn’t been obvious from my tweets, Instagrams, and Facebook posts, I’ll announce it formally now… I left Beijing a month and a half ago and have returned to the ocean-air and green living of San Francisco. China was inspiring and continues to be a driving influence in everything I do now that I’m back.

I’ve been consulting for FarmsReach since April. It’s continued my passion in food, but now with the intention of making a dent in the universe. FarmsReach is an online platform with business tools and services that help new farmers and small farms optimize their businesses to eventually produce more sustainably. The website features tools facilitating the exchange of ideas and best practices amongst farmers and the organizations that support them.

farm, garden, GrowKitchen, leaves, lettuce, organicIMG_1076This past week, we attended the fourth monthly North Coast Young Farmer’s Guild dinner in Sebastopol, hosted by GrowKitchen. What a beautiful evening! Contrary to what many people may imagine, the farmers of today (while still mostly experienced farmers) are a growing community of young, active, passionate, men and women. They gather to share their ideas amongst each other, hence why FarmsReach is such a beneficial platform to nurture these communities and archive the knowledge for growing communities in various regions.

While I still cook Chinese home style recipes here in San Francisco, my new twist is to use wholesome and organic ingredients I can find and source locally. I truly believe that Chinese food can be healthy. China’s food safety horrors are my deepest regret which I can only hope find voice to improve. My six years in China have really given me a profound appreciation for freedom of speech. We Americans are so privileged to have the right to change the future for the better. Chinese families inspired me to cook and connect people through their favorite family recipes. And today, young farmers inspire me on my continued journey of food.

Here is my blog I wrote for FarmsReach, of the beautiful dinner gathering with the North Coast Young Farmer’s Guild – North Coast Young Farmers Guild’s Eats & Ideas

So thankful to be continually surrounded by big-hearted people, on both sides of the ocean.

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