CNN iReporters ranked Chinese century eggs (pídàn, 皮蛋) as number one revolting food in the world, surprising many Chinese. Recently, Chinese netizens actively joined two polls on Sina’s Weibo. The results are as follows:

Most revolting foods in the west:

  1. Stinky cheese, pungent stench
  2. Medium-rare beef, too bloody
  3. Escargot
  4. Turkey, because the meat is too hard with a fishy flavor
  5. All vegetable salads, it’s food for rabbits

Most revolting foods in China:

  1. Baby mice three-times squeaking (lǎoshǔ sān zhī er, 老鼠三吱儿) — Prepare a plate of newborn mice and a plate of dipping sauce. Use a pair of chopsticks to clamp one live mouse and it squeaks for the first time. Dip the mouse in sauce, the mouse squeaks a second time. Put the mouse in the mouth and it squeaks a third time.
  2. Animal penis (dòng wù biān, 动物鞭)
  3. Cat meat (māo ròu, 猫肉)
  4. Baked silkworm chrysalis (kǎo cán yǒng, 烤蚕蛹)
  5. Dead chicken embryo egg (máo dàn, 毛蛋)
  6. Dog meat (gǒu ròu, 狗肉)
  7. Fertilized duck embryo or balut (wàng jī dàn, 旺鸡蛋). A street snack in Nanjing, especially popular among girls. Also popular in Philippines and typically eaten in the dark
  8. Stinky tofu (chòu dòu fǔ, 臭豆腐)

    Shanti has Mark try fried stinky tofu which he agrees smells worse than it tastes.

  9. Durian crisp (liú lián sū, 榴莲酥)
  10. Century eggs (pídàn, 皮蛋)
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