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Sometimes I think I have too many rules, but when I read manifestos like Bruce Buschel‘s “One Hundred Things Restaurant Staffers Should Never Do (Part 1),” I can’t help but fully embrace another 100 more. Here are a few of my favorites from the list:

6. Do not lead the witness with, “Bottled water or just tap?” Both are fine. Remain neutral.
8. Do not interrupt a conversation. For any reason. Especially not to recite specials. Wait for the right moment.
12. Do not touch the rim of a water glass. Or any other glass.
15. Never say “I don’t know” to any question without following with, “I’ll find out.”
17. Do not take an empty plate from one guest while others are still eating the same course. Wait, wait, wait.
20. Never refuse to substitute one vegetable for another.
25. Make sure the glasses are clean. Inspect them before placing them on the table.
31. Never remove a plate full of food without asking what went wrong. Obviously, something went wrong.
36. Never reek from perfume or cigarettes. People want to smell the food and beverage.

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  1. David says:

    This is just too funny, although I’ve had my fair share of bad waiter experiences, the good ones of outweighed the bad. But I have to agree, removing a full plate of food at the end of dinner should prompt a question or two.

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