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2011 has seen many unpleasant stories about pork in China. This spring, Chinese were overwhelmed by the fact that the pork they ate every day contained high doses of clenbuterol. The panic has not receded and pork prices have spiked sharply by summer. […]

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CNN iReporters ranked Chinese century eggs (pídàn, 皮蛋) as number one revolting food in the world, surprising many Chinese. Recently, Chinese netizens actively joined two polls on Sina’s Weibo. The results are as follows:

Most […]

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Hogwash oil refers to oil extracted from oily floats in the drain or leftover food from hotels or restaurants. The oil is extracted from rotten pork and peroxided oil (repeatedly used oil). It has been reported that hogwash oil has become a recycling industry chain in […]

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Beijing, China — As one of the officers with 85 Broads Beijing chapter, I have the pleasure of facilitating inspiring dinners featuring amazing women who make a difference in various industries. This month, our esteemed guest speakers reign as leaders in their careers and highlight important values in […]

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First four readers to send me their name + email + favorite French dish will have their names added to the VIP guest list of this exclusive event. Deadline Thursday, June 16th 10:00 a.m.


Maison Camus welcomes you to their private VIP lounge and outdoor terrace, this Friday the 17th of June 2011.


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Beijing, China — My favorite Shaanxi restaurant serving fat, chewy noodles has just opened another location in Shin Kong Place (新光天地店开业大吉)! Yellow River Noodles (黄河水) is a family brand of over 20 years with […]

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Cook in a ShowShanti apron. I cook in mine, but I like to wear it while writing as well.

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Be a guest writer. I’m giving away an apron for selected guest blogs published* on ShowShanti. Feel like splashing your kitchen with […]

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你想系上ShowShanti围裙做饭吗? 我不仅做饭时戴这个围裙,写东西时也会。


来当ShowShanti的特约撰稿人吧。写得好的博客将发表在 上,并将获得一件围裙。想让你的厨房多一些绚丽的色彩吗?喜欢写作吗?想分享你的爱和故事吗? 那就赶快动笔吧!



主题思想 写一个跟美食相关的故事 做一道菜的全过程,从买原料到上桌 与家人或者朋友相关的美食故事或者经历 为特别的人做一道特别的菜的故事 特别场合的美食经历 食谱 一道中国肉菜的素食版; 从您家附近的菜市场的原料想到的中国风的文化; 富有您家文化传承的一道菜。什么方面的文化都可以。 格式 美食故事 介绍段落 每一段都配个图片 总结 食谱 菜的图片 介绍段落 […]

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