Chengdu, Sichuan, CHINA — Tempted by Fuchsia Dunlop’s chapter about Chef Yu Bo, from her book Shark’s Fin and Sichuan Pepper: A Sweet-Sour Memoir of Eating in China, I gathered a small group to experience the whims and culinary mastery at Yu’s Family Kitchen (喻家厨房, map). The meal was a series of ooh’s-and-ah’s as every dish appeared exemplifying Yu Bo’s creativity and talent for taste.

Chef Yu Bo shares his culinary ideologies (Shanti Christensen, Chef Yu Bo)

After the grand dinner, I asked to meet Yu Bo and with the gracious assistance of “Mix” sharing the same dialect with Yu Bo, I was able to grasp a little more knowledge of his concept and principles behind food. Perhaps his strongest impression laid upon me was his insistence that food must have quality ingredients. Though not always available, whenever possible Yu Bo does his best to obtain the best quality and most environmentally sound produce. His huǒtuǐ (火腿, ham) was of artisan pig raised in Sichuan. He doesn’t object to wèijīng (味精, MSG), because he makes his own from natural ingredients and doesn’t use artificial wèijīng. His menu changes often as ingredients come into season, thus serving dishes with natural flavors as opposed to hothouse off-season creations.

I wish the flavors of the dinner could transcend from photos, but to give an idea of the delicacies you can expect from an evening at Yu’s Family Kitchen, here are most of the dishes we enjoyed. Many thanks to Chef Yu Bo for clarifying the names of these dishes in Chinese for us.

凉菜, Cold Dishes

Order from left to right 顺序是图片中从上到下、从左到右:

  1. 蒜茸三月瓜 (Suàn Róng Sān yuè Guā, Garlic Flavored March Melon)
  2. 窝油花仁 (Wō Yóu Huā Rén)
  3. 香卤藕片 (Xiāng Lǔ Ǒu Piàn, Fragrant Stewed Lotus Root)
  4. 如意青笋结 (Rúyì Qīngsǔn Jié, Wish Knot Tied Lettuce)
  5. 炝折耳根 (Qiàng zhé ěrgēn)
  6. 香醋南瓜 (Xiāng Cù Nánguā, Fragrant Vinegar Pumpkin)
  7. 菊花甜椒 (Júhuā Tián jiāo, Chrysanthemum Sweet Red Peppers)
  8. 手撕青椒 (Shǒu sī Qīng jiāo, Hand Shredded Green peppers)
  9. 红油鹌鹑皮蛋 (Hóng yóu ānchún pídàn, Chili Oil Preserved Quail Eggs)
  10. 蜂蜜小番茄 (Fēngmì Xiǎo Fānqié, Honey Sweetened Cherry Tomatoes)
  11. 茶籽油拌油菜 (Tea Seed Oil Rapeseed Leaves)
  12. 麻油苦瓜 (Máyóu Kǔguā, Bitter melon in Sesame Oil)
  13. 糊辣西洋菜 (Hu là Xīyáng cài, Chili Paste Watercress)
  14. 乡村黄瓜干 (Xiāngcūn huángguā gàn, Dry Country Cucumbers)
  15. 五香豆腐干 (Wǔxiāng Dòufu Gān, Five-Spice Baked Tofu)
  16. 芥末西芹 (Jièmò Xī qín, Mustard Celery)

手撕鸭 (Shǒu sī yā, Hand Shredded Duck)

香油红板兔 (Xiāngyóu hóng bǎn tù, Sesame and Chili Oil Rabbit)

干拌土鸡 (Gān bàn tǔ jī, Dry mixed Free-range Chicken)

Máobǐ sū (毛笔酥, Crispy Calligraphy Brushes filled with ground pork)

Máobǐ sū (毛笔酥, Crispy Calligraphy Brushes filled with ground pork) dipped in a tomato dipping sauce

鱼香对虾 (Yú xiāng duìxiā, Fish-flavored Shrimp)

黑蒜 (Hēi suàn, Black Candied Garlic)

凉粉烧鲍鱼 (Liángfěn shāo bàoyú, Abalone with Glutinous Rice Jelly)

上上签 (Shàng shàng qiān, Seasonal mushroom on fortune sticks)

上上签 (Shàng shàng qiān, Seasonal mushroom on fortune sticks)

羊肚菌烧竹荪 (Yáng dǔ jūn shāo zhú sūn, Morel mushrooms and Bamboo shoots)

桂圆藏香猪 (Guìyuán zàngxiāng zhū, Longan Tibetan Pork)

刺果小包 (Cì guǒ Xiǎobāo, Steamed Bun with Bean Filling)

Chóngcǎo yúdù (虫草鱼肚, Chinese caterpillar fungus with Snow fungus)

吊片樟茶鸭 (Diào piàn zhāng chá yā, Tea smoked duck served with flatbreads)

彝家油底肉烩春笋 (Yí jiā yóu dǐ ròu huì chūnsǔn, Artisan ham with bamboo shoots and carrot)

麻辣千张 (Má là qiānzhang, Finely sliced tofu skin noodles in Sichuan peppercorn and peppers sauce)

家常面 (Jiācháng miàn, Home-style Noodles)

外婆巴倒烫 (Wàipó ba dào tàng)

Yù Jiā Chúfáng (喻家厨房, Yu’s Family Kitchen)
Qīngyáng qū xià Tóngrén lù Zhǎi Xiàngzi No. 43 (Jìn Jǐng Xiàngzi). Chengdu, Sichuan.
青羊区下同仁路窄巷子43号(近井巷子). Telephone: 028-86691985. Cuisine: 川菜 (Sichuan)

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17 Responses to Yu’s Family Kitchen 喻家厨房

  1. What a feast! The arrangement of cold dishes were beautiful and elegant. The crispy paint brush was whimsical and looked like a real brush with the red paint (sauce). What was the whitish looking with spikes? Also, was it ham hanging from the wood display? Love your photos, they capture the best in the food.

  2. OMG, Shanti. I am in awe looking at the fantastic looking food and the way they’re presented. Can you describe a little about each dish? Many are quite unfamiliar to me.

  3. Jordan says:

    Phenomenal, absolutely amazing. I can only image what that kind of dinner could be like. Aromas, colors, shapes, and flavors attacking all senses! I can’t wait to try these treats for myself!

  4. showshanti says:

    Everyone, thank you for the comments.

    Tuty, I’ve revised the post and will continue to add information as I gather more. Unfortunately, I was so busy eating and marveling I took photos, but forgot many details.

    Jordan, it was sumptuous indeed. A must do if you ever find yourself in Chengdu again. I love Chengdu.

  5. Gia Tri says:

    whats up I unquestionably ardor this post on Restaurant: Yu’s Family Kitchen 喻家厨房 (Chengdu, Sichuan) | ShowShanti. My name is Gia Tri, can we trade links?

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  7. Renee says:

    Amazing food. It’s more like art! Nice done.

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  12. adam espiritu says:

    wow, the intricate foods look amazing! It must be very expensive to eat there. how much does it cost to dine there? I hope to visit Chengdu soon. :)

  13. Peter says:

    We have reservation for May 15,2012 at 5:30pm at Yu’s family kitchen in Chengdu. We have only 3 persons and are looking for addition 3 to 6 people to share the table and cost.
    Please eamil if you are interested. We are from the USA visiting China.

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