From 11am to 4am, I have a spot where I can comfort myself with popular Taiwanese food. I’ve lived in China for two and half years now, and Bellagio 鹿港小镇 continues to satiate my daily and nightly cravings with guilty pleasures like their Taiwan Stewed Fatty Pork (Taishikongrou) and Dry Fried Green Beans with Crullers (Lancaisuirou).

Located on Gongti Xi Lu next to some of Beijing’s ever changing mega clubs, hip emperors and empresses sass their appetites to the glass facade of Bellagio. Sitting at any table, sizzling platters of tender black peppered beef or Taiwanese Tofu Clay Pot (台湾豆腐煲 Taiwan Doufu Bao) and bowls bearing mountains of iced treats whiz by.

The Peanut Ice Smoothie (Huashengbingsha) is love at first spoon and a must share after eating four to five dishes with a bowl of rice.

Everything looks delicious so the best thing is to come here with a group in order to sample more dishes. Many groups arrive from the clubs, but I’d rather skip the cover charge and call this nightspot a club given the smoke filled air, lively chatter amongst stylish twenty-somethings, and eyes darting about the scene-and-be-seen.

I can’t leave Bellagio without having dessert. This morning I had the Pomelo and Mango served over shaved ice with sago and coconut milk (杨枝甘露 Yangzhiganlu). While I wish my husband could share my sweet glory, the upside to his dislike for tapioca pearls is I get the whole thing to myself. It’s hard not to pop an empress attitude when it comes to my dessert.

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